Solaris VoIP Overview

Solaris Voip holds the responsibility for the development of Zaptel device drivers for Solaris - the most advanced UNIX operating system in the world. Additionally, Solaris Voip maintains Asterisk PBX packages for Solaris.

The Zaptel device drivers are kept independently from their original creators at Digium because of numerous differences between their own and ours; however, Solaris Voip is dedicated to returning any and all Asterisk PBX patches back to Digium and the Asterisk Open Source community.

What is Solaris VoIP?

Solaris VoIP is a consortium of many companies, whose charter members include Thralling Penguin, Sun Labs, AgileVoice, Redfone Communications, Simon Lockhart,, and others.

What Are Zaptel Device Drivers?

The Zapata Telephony project is an open computer telephony hardware driver API. Zaptel is shortened name for "Zapata Telephony". The Zapata Telephony project was named after Emiliano Zapata, a Mexican revolutionary, indicating the revolutionizing nature of the Zapata Telephony project.

Further information is available here:

Project Status

The following device drivers are available:

  • The base Zaptel module with supporting applications and development header files.
  • The Ztdummy module for supporting the MeetMe application and IAX2 trunking when one doesn't have any Zaptel compatible hardware.
  • The WCTDM module for supporting the TDM400P Digium card.
  • Beta module for ztdynamic and STREAMS module for ztd-eth (TDMoE)

Source Code

Before doing a single thing with the source code, please read the README file.

The source code is available via Git from: Asterisk 1.2, SPARC as patched, Asterisk 1.2 Zaptel, Asterisk 1.2 Newt, Asterisk 1.2 NConference patched, and Asterisk 1.2 Add-on Modules.

Asterisk Package & Driver Downloads

For the latest Asterisk and/or Drivers, please use Git!

Package Description SPARCv9 (Solaris 10) AMD x64 (Solaris 10) Intel x86 (OpenSolaris)
Zaptel Base Drivers
(see note below)
Ztdummy Driver SVztdummy-rev146-sparc-5.10.pkg
WCTDM Driver SVwctdm-rev146-sparc-5.10.pkg
libnewt SVnewt-sparc-5.10.pkg
Asterisk SVasterisk-rev146-sparc-5.10.pkg

Please note that all drivers require the Zaptel Base Drivers. All packages were built using Solaris 10 with the best optimizations for the respective platform, including being linked with the mtmalloc library for performance. The Asterisk package includes, (with 'o' option back-port), in addition to HTML voicemail email notification templates (see: /etc/opt/asterisk/vm_template.html), SMF script, and app_lookupcnam (disabled by default). Music on hold will function if the CSW mpg123 package is installed.


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